Carl Duplessis — Artistic approach

Artistic approach

Lecture 38 x 51 cm, 2008
My artistic procedure is the result of my fascination with the human body. Its shapes, volume, lines, and angles give off an energy that inspires me to create atmospheres that immerse my subjects in intuitive colours. I love colour and let it guide me.

My primary concern centres on placing my subjects in their own particular environment in order to perceive moods and create a spatial dimension whose depth draws us into a world that exists more through suggestion than definition. Therefore, I want to go beyond the composition’s two-dimensional aspect and express an inner dynamic that conveys unbridled vitality and momentum.

Poses and models vanish, leaving only the moment that has been captured and that becomes timeless. Watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels – all these familiar materials enable me to exist as an artist and express my personal vision of each subject.

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